10 / 06 2014

21 months after the treatment of Simon

Many of my English speaking friends were asking me about the current health condition of my son Simon. They wanted me to write something about this in English, so I have decided to publish a short post to let you know what is going on with my boy.

After his illness and the treatment, Simon is gradually recovering. 21 months have passed since the end of his treatment in Warsaw’s hospital. In general, his health is good. He attends school.

For the first year we did go to the Warsaw’s hospital every quarter for consulting. Now we go there every half a year. While he is there, they do the tomography of his brain.

Hydrocephalus partially damaged his right eyeball. From time to time we have to visit an ophthalmologist who specializes in such cases. (Fortunately not far away from us is a good private clinic with a great Russian specialist). Simon also wears special glasses.

Probably the chemo treatment has weakened Simon’s teeth, so we need to go with him regularly to a dentist. During the past 12 months we’ve visited the dentist 12 times. In the first year sometimes we’ve been to the dentist three times per month.

Simon’s 2 teeth were pulled out and he had cavities in almost every teeth. So, as you can guess, my son doesn’t like that doctor. But at least we have found in another town a good private clinic and we are happy with the service they provide.

We are also glad that the chemo Simon took was neither too strong nor for too long. Otherwise we think he would lose the teeth. One boy that was treated alongside Simon (but he took stronger chemo and for longer time) lost his teeth. This is an unfortunate side effect.

Unfortunately, after his operation Simon’s personality has changed partially. To the hospital we took one child, but brought back a little bit different. Due to the brain tumor he had, now he has some problems with managing emotions. It is difficult for him to talk about hurts and pains, he is very “explosive”.

He has changed as a person, he became very conservative. He doesn’t want to play, He does not want to do any sports, he is afraid of the swimming pool. He is afraid of heights. He is afraid that something will happen to his head, e.g. he is afraid that something will hit and hurt his head, or that he will fall and something bad will happen because of it. (He associates his head with great pains.)

As a result of the changes he lost some of his friends. It was difficult for them to accept the “new” Simon. With time he will have to built new relationships.

He has also problems with short-term memory. Generally, after surgery his level of intelligence increased significantly, now he has much better grades in school, he can also properly pronounce Polish sounds. (Previously we had to take him regularly to a speech therapist, but he continuously had a very bad pronunciation. Probably this was due to a brain tumor, because after the surgery he began for the first time in his life properly pronounce Polish sounds.) However now he is often forgetting what was said to him two minutes ago.

For a long time the level of creatinine in his blood is too low. Maybe it is caused by the lack of movement and sports in his life. We will work on this.

Simon is now eleven years old. We believe that his young brain will be restored and God will heal him completely and grant him a long life. We also believe that he will return to emotional health and there will be no consequences of the illness.

IMG_4106 - KopiaThank you for showing interest in our son and for praying for his complete healing.

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  1. Vladimir and Oksana says:

    Andrew, thank you for update. We took close to our hearts you, your family, situation with Simon. May God bless you and give Simon complete healing. Greetinings to Dorota.

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