23 / 06 2014

A Few Days Ago My Wife Returned From Warsaw’s Hospital – There is No Sign of Tumor

Last week my wife has been with my son Simon to the hospital in Warsaw. They did the tomography of his brain and happily there is no sign of tumor.

It is great news! We were very happy to hear that Simon is healthy. Though we have to admit, that each time before the trip to Warsaw we are very nervous. We envy those parents that did not need to go through a tumor treatment of their child and they do not need to check regularly the state of their child health. It is a little bit crazy, but of course I understand that everybody has his own path he needs to walk and sometimes there is not much choice.

Simon has too low creatinine but his doctor said it is better to have it too low than too high, whatever it means.

Simon is slowly recovering. He has put on 7 kilograms, he eats a little bit more, though he is very thin. A few weeks ago for the very first time since the chemo and radio treatment (21 months ago) he started to go out to play with other children. We feel very encouraged. Eelier he didn’t want to leave the home at all. He was very conservative.

We can see progress and we are happy about this. We believe that God will turn everything for good.



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