One Man’s Incredible Journey to Freedom

Authored by Andrew Mytych

This book, When God Sent Grace to the Soviet Gulag, by Andrew Mytych, is a woven tapestry of life in pre- and post-World War II Poland and the account of a man, Cezary Kiewra, whose life was sovereignly changed forever while a prisoner in the cruel Soviet labor-camp prison system known as the GULAG. Various and diverse stories of Cezary, his family, and friends then merge into a single entity. The background is the Second World War in Eastern Europe, the reality of the Stalinist USSR, the repatriation of exiles, and life in post-war communist Poland.

Historically, the book also presents aspects of evangelical Polish culture in the 50s, 60s and 70s of the last century from the perspective of an ordinary family of believers and their friends. We are awed by the account of the obedience of one of God’s faithful men, and then we follow Cezary’s dramatic encounter with God’s grace while a Soviet prisoner, his subsequent efforts to rebuild a life in communist Poland, and his life-commitment to pastoral ministry.

The book was written as a testimony of those days to make sure their realities do not get lost in oblivion because no one recorded the life stories. Additionally, it fills a big gap in the literature on the life and ministry of evangelical Christians in the communist countries of Europe.

A source of encouragement and faith strengthening for the personal journey anyone may be walking. -Susan Bozarth, President, World Missions Advance A surprisingly different look at the grace of God… -Paul Whitley, President, Invading the Darkness Ministries

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