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22 / 12 2015

3 Years and 4 Months

Another year is passing, so I think it is a great moment to write a post about the current situation of my son.

In May we were with Simon for two days in a hospital, where they have done strabismus correction. Before the treatment he had a squint to the left, after the treatment the squint has moved to the right (so the result of the treatment was not as we were hoping).  Later we had a few visits to the optician to adjust glasses for him – he needed the proper lenses, plus occasionally we had to fix the glasses, because Simon was breaking them (by the way, they are again under repair).

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23 / 02 2015

What’s going on in our life?

IMG_1791_Szymek_2015I’ve decided to write a short note to let you know what is going on in our life, and especially with Simon.

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23 / 06 2014

A Few Days Ago My Wife Returned From Warsaw’s Hospital – There is No Sign of Tumor

Last week my wife has been with my son Simon to the hospital in Warsaw. They did the tomography of his brain and happily there is no sign of tumor.

It is great news! We were very happy to hear that Simon is healthy. Though we have to admit, that each time before the trip to Warsaw we are very nervous. We envy those parents that did not need to go through a tumor treatment of their child and they do not need to check regularly the state of their child health. It is a little bit crazy, but of course I understand that everybody has his own path he needs to walk and sometimes there is not much choice.

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10 / 06 2014

21 months after the treatment of Simon

Many of my English speaking friends were asking me about the current health condition of my son Simon. They wanted me to write something about this in English, so I have decided to publish a short post to let you know what is going on with my boy.

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