23 / 02 2015

What’s going on in our life?

IMG_1791_Szymek_2015I’ve decided to write a short note to let you know what is going on in our life, and especially with Simon.

In the middle of December, we moved to a bigger apartment in Lwowek Slaski. Our oldest son, Timothy, has already been going to school there, but we still drive Simon and Ola back to Gryfow. Simon is in the fifth grade, and Ola is going to kindergarten. We didn’t want them to part with their friends.

On December 18th, Simon had a CT scan in Warsaw. His brain is tumor-free! Two and a half years have passed since his chemo and radiation treatment. The kid is still with us! We are thankful to God for this. Man does not need that much to enjoy life.

We are getting ready for Simon to have an eye operation. Because of the hydrocephalus he had as a result of the tumor, his eyeballs are a little bit damaged. He has a squint and is not able to turn his eyeballs upward (which means that when he wants to look up, he needs to move his head). His eye nerves are damaged.

IMG_1797_okulary_2015We have been taking him to an ophthalmologist since his treatments in Warsaw’s hospital. We hope that God will help us to deal with this problem.

He should have had the operation this week but had the flu. So, his doctor didn’t allow him to be operated on.

Besides these things, everything is OK, and we are thankful for it!

Thank you for being with us.


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